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Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event? Marianne is who you are looking for!

For more about Marianne, check out the Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy.

Marianne Clyde is an expert in Mental Health in the workplace.

Speaking to businesses and associations about empowerment, team building and relationship networking, she is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in practice for over 27 years, energizing speaker and dauntless world traveler. She lived in Japan for over 8 years and has spent time in at least 20 developing countries, teaching about recovery from trauma, personal empowerment and interpersonal relationships.

She has met with child soldiers, amputees and rebel army leaders in Sierra Leone, visited with victims of rape as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, taught medical students in Afghanistan about the effects of stress on mental health and spoken to large gatherings in Pakistan after visiting with earthquake victims in the Northwest Frontier.

After partnering with the former Ambassador from Malawi to Japan, to establish village maize gardens and other projects, the Ambassador had this to say:

“Marianne is an excellent trauma counselor, networker, change agent and revolutionary. Through her initiatives, the poor children and women of Malawi have realized new lives. Child mortality has been mitigated by the provision of clean borehole water. Hospitals are no longer overcrowded by children who were admitted due to hookworms. School going rates have doubled as no child is soaked while at school. In return Malawian women call Marianne ANAPHIRI meaning a woman from the great clan.”

“Zentivity captures precisely what modern society needs to get back to the basics and create a healthy and sustainable balance between personal life and work. The 10 principles are a strong foundation to accompany the illustrated strategies that will lead to a work environment where all succeed and thrive.”

— Kumi Sato, President and CEO, COSMO Public Relations Corporation, Tokyo
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“Marianne Clyde’s Zentivity provides a fresh look at a serious and growing problem in the workforce: stress. Her innovative and simple tools for addressing stress and emotional triggers get right to the core of an issue. I tried one of the exercises and in an instant, I released an old belief that I hadn’t even realized was active. I felt great. Anything that helps us gain balance and calm and to communicate e ectively is a tremendous asset. I encourage everyone in business to use these tools. They work!”

— Shari J. Goodwin, Business and Leadership Coach, Founder, Jaeger2
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“Marianne Clyde has written a book with so much insight, support, and guidance to us on so many levels. This book really resonates with my 30+ years of working in health and human services, specifically in the eld of addictions and mental health services. I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend to all, especially my colleagues, and their colleagues, as well as those who love us. One can only gain from reading this book; Marianne taps into the reality of our lives, personally and professionally—after all, these are all intersecting working relationships. Zentivity is the goal, destination, and the journey we crave and aim for!"   — Carolyn Castro-Donlan, Ph.D., Founder, Owner, and CEO at Castro-Donlan Consulting, LLC and Imagine A Holistic Approach, LLC
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She has written and published numerous articles, appeared on radio and television worldwide, commenting on topics ranging from gun violence to having a happy marriage. Host and producer of her own TV shows, she has also hosted a call in radio show and has produced Moments of Mindfulness Meditation CD.

After launching 2 best-selling books, Peaceful Parenting: 10 Essential Principles and Un-Leashed: Practical Steps to Get Your Life Unstuck, she has now released her most powerful book to date, Zentivity™: How to Eliminate Chaos, Stress and Discontent in Your Workplace. As chaos, reactivity and polarization reign, whether your workplace is in politics, business or home, she recognizes and advocates for mental health in the workplace. She encourages readers to establish a strong internal locus of control, so as not to get knocked off balance by the winds of opinion, changes in the economy or upheaval in politics. Only then, she asserts, can you truly make the changes that need to be made. Only then, can you even begin to be the leader you are called to be.

Marianne is the founder of the Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, in Warrenton, VA, winner of the 2017 Best of Warrenton award, and also the founder of Be the Change Foundation empowering and equipping women to build successful businesses.