Negativity is one of the things that messes with my zen. The person who is always complaining. The one who focuses on what won’t work. Gossip. Thoughtless, emotional reactivity. The one who is quick to judge another. Whining.

These types of things are stress creators. Hopefully by now, you know that stress releases adrenalin and cortisol and if those hormones are continually floating around in your body with no place to go and nothing to do, they will compromise your immune system. They will make you sick. Mentally and/or physically. We must, absolutely must, learn to distance ourselves from things that steal our joy and our productivity.

Life is short. You are a leader. You have important things to do. And the only “benefit” of negativity is a headache or an ulcer.

When we are negative, we might not even really notice it. Other people might let it slide. Other people might even agree with you, which fuels the conversation for more complaining or gossip or focusing on the problem. We cannot afford to live a unconscious life. This is why it’s so important to do the work for the Zentivity™ Course in this members only section. The workbook exercises make you learn to be conscious about your habits. They help you change your habits so that you are more positively influential and powerful. They help you polish your bulb so your light can shine brightly.

This morning as I was thinking of this, I was reminded of that scene in the movie, The Help, the one where Minny had made a “special pie” for the abusive Miss Hilly.

She added a very special ingredient that couldn’t be detected. Miss Hilly just raved and raved about the pie as she gobbled down two pieces, even as she continued to degrade Minny. Minny just patiently waited until the perfect moment to reveal what the special ingredient was.

[If you are easily offended by unpleasant language, you might want to skip the video.]

As you watch the video clip, just think, every time you allow negativity in any form to come out of your mouth, you are making yourself sick, even as you still look real pretty and might even be very good at your job. But you have to remember, negativity is a tasteless poison that creates an environment in your life where it will ultimately kill you or destroy your opportunity for advancement or weaken your relationships. I’d like you to become so conscious about what negativity will do to you, that you will react the same way Miss Hilly does when she realizes what the secret ingredient is in Minny’s pie, any time you catch yourself in a negative state of mind.