Welcome to the 10 Essential Principles, self-paced Zentivity™ course! While you can, of course, complete these lessons as quickly as you like, I strongly recommend focusing on one concept at a time for at least a week each.  It’s easier to change or strengthen one thing at a time.  As a matter of fact, these concepts must become habits if they are truly going to change your life; and it takes 3 weeks of constant attention to change a habit.  So please don’t rush.  This course should take at least twelve weeks, but might take up to 36 weeks or longer if you really give yourself the time you deserve.  When you try to change too much at one time, you might be tempted to feel overwhelmed and quit. And you are worth far too much to give up on your dreams.

The concepts in themselves are simple.  The application, however, takes constant attention and regular tweaking.  Give yourself the time you need.  There is no hurry. And of course, you can come back and review any time you please.  Each module consists of a video and a corresponding section in the workbook for you to fill out and apply to your personal situation.  Then plan to practice that concept for 1-3 weeks to let it really develop roots before moving on. Let’s get started.