How important is the furniture on the Titanic?

titanic-300x150 How important is the furniture on the Titanic?

It must have been a fabulous sight. Wealthy, privileged people wearing their finest, enjoying the glamorous lifestyle of such a fabulous cruise: furs and jewelry, china and crystal, the best this world had to offer.

But, I don’t have to have been there to know that these were people being people. As we all are, at times, people were picking and choosing whom they would associate with. They would judge each other’s high fashioned outfits as acceptable or not. They would criticize the help for not being more efficient. They would be worried about being accepted by society. They’d experience concern about how their significant other was treating them.

Experiencing petty grievances, they would have been totally unaware that the vessel that they were travelling on was vulnerable to attack and damage. They might not have even thought about that at all. Perhaps they didn’t even think that, while they were worried about temporal things, they should have been more aware of the foundation of their ride. While it may have been someone’s job to make sure all the furniture was in place and all the passengers were comfortable, all of that mattered so much less than making sure their security and safety was in tact.

We, so often, fall into that trap. We rearrange the furniture in our lives. We become obsessed with how to appear successful, how to look good, appear smart and wise. We judge others if they do not meet our standards for ourselves. We project our fears onto everyone else. We create drama about petty things. We pay attention to how things look “on deck” and totally take for granted the foundation of our lives.

Everything “on deck” is temporary and subject to movement and change and opinions of others. It’s the foundation that we must be most concerned with. That should take most of our attention: building, sustaining and having faith in Principle 1 of Zentivity™. That is the founding principle on which all else is structured. Every day. We must be reinforcing the foundation that we are whole perfect and complete. We, at our core, are indestructible. While things on deck will definitely be rearranged from time to time, we must not make that our focus. The other principles help us deal with the rearrangements and changes, but when we are rooted and grounded in our connection to our creator, we need not fear those changes.

How is your connection today? No matter how important the furniture on deck seems to be, it’s worth nothing if the foundation collapses. If you haven’t yet, take 5 minutes now to reconnect.

How’s it working for you?


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