Just got a note from one of our tribe concerned that there was something wrong with her because, even though she adheres to everything we teach and do on zentivity.guru, she still gets so angry sometimes that she wants to smack someone.

I am sure you’ve felt this way, as well, as I have.

Emotions are just information. We are not created to be autotrons. We are created to have feelings and thoughts and reactions. There will never be a time when we stop having feelings and unwanted thoughts. There will never be a time while we are on this earth that we will just think everybody is amazing. That’s 7.6 billion kinds of amazing. Having said that, everyone is amazing and genius in his/her own right; but because we each have preferences and emotions and DNA and family history, we are not going to see everyone as such, necessarily. It doesn’t mean, though, that we should stop looking for that in each person.

So, since we are not going to banish feelings and preferences and reactions, what is the point of living a Zentivity™ lifestyle?

Every person is your teacher. Every feeling and trigger is information. Awareness is the beginning of change. We first become aware of our feelings and preferences and reactions, then, we can consciously choose how we will respond. The point of a Zentivity™ based lifestyle is to live a fully conscious, fully aware, fully free life. Free from prejudice and traps. Free from conditioned thinking. Free to explore our full potential. Free from reactive, thoughtless actions. Free to stop wasting a minute getting stuck in the muck and mire of lies and manipulation, whether it comes from within us, or from external sources. Free to fulfill our God given destiny. We are each created for a divine purpose. Each person will experience that differently. We are all part of the majestic mosaic of life, and if any one of us does not fulfill our particular spot, there will be an empty place that no one else can fill.

We need to keep growing, changing, learning and moving forward. You are a leader; others need you to lead and inspire them by your life.

The continued practice of mindfulness principles actually does change your brain, making it stronger, clearer, better able to make solid decisions, increasing your capacity for empathy and compassion. Just because someone continues to tick you off….well, that’s just information. It enables you to choose a loving response. Life is full of stressors. That will never change, but you are changing every day, becoming more and more like your creator: loving, powerful, compassionate, peaceful, wise.

Just because you get triggered sometimes, doesn’t mean your efforts are wasted. Sometimes they just need time to manifest fully. Keep up the good work. 

I’d live to hear your stories of struggle and success. Please share below.



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