Social media is famous for this and we must be constantly mindful that we don’t get caught up in the hypocrisy. I know you’ve seen it.

Somebody posts  from the stance of a well known common value, like patriotism, and wraps it around a terrible, damaging negative thought, like wishing for someone’s death. This morning on twitter some one posted “I’m all for flag burning as long as those who wish to participate in this action wrap themselves in the flag before they set it on fire.” Lovely. There were all sorts of similar posts to this one.

Then there are times when you gather with a group that actually agrees with you politically. They are all full of “bless your hearts”  and they turn around and make crude, nasty jokes about the opposition. They live by the law of “We’re ok…they suck.” Sowing division and factionalism.

I remember one time, when we lived in Japan. It was during the financial crisis. My husband was a top executive in one of the largest financial institutions in the world in 2008. So you can imagine, we were in the thick of the drama.I heard Senator Grassley, say something like: those executives should do what Japanese executives do when they are humiliated, and kill themselves. No kidding. That was personal. I completely lost respect for him at that moment.

Espousing values like loving your country, loving your neighbor, caring for the middle class…all great healthy values, when they are paired with evil, hateful, unhealthy rants, do not just neutralize the positive thought. As a matter of fact, it makes it worse. It numbs people’s minds. You already have them agreeing with you and then, wham, they are sort of left with a choice to continue to agree with you, to just blow it off, or to completely blow you off as a fanatic.

Do you remember the blog about Minny’s Chocolate Pie from earlier in October? It’s the same principle. If you throw in just a tiny bit of hate or prejudice or division into the pie, no matter how lovely the pie might look, it destroys the whole thing. It sows confusion, breeds bitterness and division and is contagious. It is infiltrating our world and it’s up to us to stop it. It’s as dangerous and easy to spread as the plague. And just as deadly.

We, as members of the Zentivity™ community, espousing healthy concepts and principles, are leaders; and we must be hyper-aware of our words. Are they consistent? Positive? Encouraging? Can your integrity be trusted? As a leader, once your followers, employees, family members, co-workers realize that you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth, they understand that you cannot be trusted.

Know your true value, and speak only from that. And you will draw the type of people to you that will support you, believe in you and trust you. This is good for business of course, but it will also change the world.

Have you completed the section of the Zentivity™ course, yet, that focuses on healthy communication (Principle 9)? This might be a good time. Let us know your thoughts!




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