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I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you opted to find out more about what our  Zentivity™ Leadership Forum has to offer you.

You know, as I look around and see all the craziness on the news, the lack of predictability in business, the off the wall rants on Facebook and twitter, bombing, stabbings, shootings…people violently protesting causes that they don’t even understand, I am SO convinced that our time has come. Yours and mine. A time for true leaders to stick together and support each other to add genuine value and leadership to a world that sorely needs sanity.

You recognize the importance of  strong mental emotional spiritual and physical health.  You know that getting tossed to and fro by every outrageous opinion and movement and new thing will never help you accomplish anything. It just perpetuates a whirlwind of chaos, leading you further and further from your goals.

The world needs you to be steady.

To be clear headed.

To know your true value and the value of others.

The world needs you to understand human nature and not allow it to knock you off your feet. The world needs your light to shine brightly like a lighthouse in a storm and lead others safely to the shores of success and sanity, steadiness and strength. And you’re going to be well equipped to do that because I am going to stay right by your side, providing a regular diet of good, valuable information, blogs on timely topics of interest to you, videos of interviews with experts to continue to keep you sharp and inspired and equipped to face an uncertain world with the tried and true Essential Principles of Zentivity™.

Zentivity™ Leadership Forum is an educational networking platform created exclusively for leaders with strong values and character who recognize that the world’s a little crazy out there and see the importance of having a safe supportive educational place where they can get their emotional and intellectual tank filled up, share their thoughts and get feedback from like minded folks who know that we all need a place where we can feel supported, so that they can go into the world, their places of business and even their personal relationships  and be the force for good that they deeply want to be.

Here’s what you will get with your fabulous Zentivity™ Leadership Forum membership

1A 12 module self paced course with videos and a workbook that will lead you through implementing the 10 Essential Principles of Zentivity™ in a very personal and powerful way that works for you specifically. You will set your own goals and measure your progress so that you can see how Zentivity™ actually works for you when you practice the principles on a regular basis.

2Videos created regularly which will address topics of interest to you. They will include interviews with business experts, mental health experts on timely important topics to the business leader. And occasionally, I will post an interview with a celebrity giving us the inside scoop of how he/she deals with stress in difficult circumstances.


3You will have the opportunity to participate in advertised live coaching calls discussing real time workplace issues that affect you in your workplace, gaining feedback from other members as well as my expertise and suggestions about how to handle those things. If you can’t make the call you will have access to the recording, so you can still benefit.

4Regular blogs containing exclusive content on business topics, mental health in the workplace, understanding human nature, communication techniques that work, business strategies that lead you to success, and so much more.

5You will be able to ask questions and suggest blog topics specifically of interest to you. You will be able to comment and share ideas so that you hear not only my opinion on these things, but the options and comments of other member of our tribe.

6You will receive my regular newsletter, which will keep you up to date and include special offerings and discounts from time to time.

7AND because I think you are a lot like me and you like to help lift others up, you are also invited to become a supporter of women entrepreneurs through the Be the Change Foundation which has been established to support women interested in building successful businesses, by offering them training, resources and small loans. To find out more about this, please check out


As a NEW benefit, we have added a private Zentivity™ Leadership Forum Facebook Page so that it’s even easier now to share ideas and get the support you need from our incredible group of leaders. When you join, you will have immediate access.

I have been an entrepreneur for many years. I am a licensed therapist and have travelled around the globe to many developing countries empowering people of other cultures to be the best they can be, helping them overcome trauma and develop strong interpersonal relationships.  I have spoken to child soldiers, leaders of rebel armies, amputees and rape victims and others who have endured unspeakable horrors. I have participated in several micro-enterprise development projects, orphan trusts and well as built feeding programs for villages who had little or no resources.

I have found that people are amazingly resilient but they need leaders to lead them, encourage them, and inspire them. You are one of those leaders.

Let me walk with you on your journey.

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If you knew that you had someone walking with you who could help you live your dreams, learn skills that will keep you mentally sharp and emotionally resilient, so that you can be more present at work and at home, help you stay on track with your goals, provide an opportunity to receive the support of other like-minded business leaders, gain skills that would help you stay focused to help you be more productive so that you can make more money, all the while learning the strength of a calm joy that already dwells with in you, what would that be worth to you?

The most amazing thing about our Zentivity™ Leadership Forum is that it is NOW offered for FREE! All you need to do is to sign up so we know you’re a part of the team so you can have access to all of our continually updated and refreshed exclusive content for members only. All you need to do is click on the link below to join and you will be given immediate access to our treasure trove of information! And welcome to our tribe!