Nature shows us, as we look at a beautiful plant, that if it’s not in the process of growing and becoming more fruitful, it’s in the process of dying.

The same goes for you and your business. Are you beginning to feel lethargic and bored at your job? Do you feel stuck in your current role? Do you feel you’ve gone as far as you can go? Here are a few suggestions to keep things moving forward.

  1. Build relationships. People know people. Whether you are in a networking group or not, it’s important to make a practice of enhancing you relationships and forging new ones. Don’t do it for the purpose of gaining business, do it to get to know the other person. Ask questions about them. Find out what’s important to them. Ask how you can help them. With this approach, it’s not long before you’ve made a friend. People refer their friends to friends. They refer to people they can trust. They refer to people they like. I make a practice of meeting with people, some new, some I’ve known for a while, for coffee, lunch or drinks on a regular basis just to maintain relationships. Just like meditation, it’s not something that you don’t have time for; it’s something you must make time for now that will create more time for you in the long run.
  1. Read blogs and articles, and watch videos that interest you. They don’t have to be related directly to your business to be helpful. Every one of them has something to teach you or perhaps inspire you to think in a different way. We need to enhance and broaden the way we think. It’s makes us more interesting to be with; and it makes us more valuable in the workplace and in relationships.
  1. Do something out of the box. Shake things up a bit. Drive a new way to work. Take a different kind of transportation. Take your morning walk along a new path. Switch from coffee to tea for a day. Re-order your daily routine. Send a message of congratulations to someone who deserves it. Try a new kind of vegetable. So often complacency and boredom come from unconscious routines. We begin to see life as ho-hum, nothing new, and you can begin to lose your zest for life, and thus your edge. Ask yourself, what’s one (legal 😉 ) thing I can do today to bring spice into my life? Go do it.

Shaking off the fog and complacency isn’t difficult to do. To change the course of a huge ship, it just takes a small tweak to the direction of the rudder. You just never know what new lands you may encounter.

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