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We will post a new Expert Video about twice a month.

Amelia Stansell, VP of Middleburg Bank, discusses how to be a leader in your community and how she started a prevention program for Human Trafficking!

Michele Bolos, CEO of NT Concepts talks about how to thrive as a woman in a male dominated field.

Chris Schembra, Founder and Chief Question Asker of the 7:47 Club, discusses how empathy can improve you impact on your community.

Ron Newcomb, President of Forge Studios, explains how to increase employee engagement through updated videos and gaming.

Jennifer Goldman, President of Resonance, LLC, shares how to improve corporate culture.

Dr. Lantie Jorandby, General and Addiction Psychiatrist, Amen Clinics, DC talks about natural ways to achieve Zentivity™ without medication.

Addiction in the workplace? Dr. Lantie Jorandby shows us how to recognize it.

Mitch Sproul, CFP, of Toth Financial Group knows a thing or two about Servant Leadership. It works.

Kathy Albarado is a master at relationship networking. See what she has to say!

Shari Goodwin, High Profile Strategist discusses how to value yourself.

Diane Haworth, High Performance Coach with a spiritual twist, chats about improving your productivity.

Ron Newcomb says, “Why not use videos in your marketing this year?”

New York’s Top Headshot Photographer, Barry Morgenstein, talks about how he found his niche and how you can too.

Strategist, Shari Goodwin and I discuss the importance of establishing trust in the workplace.

Cynthia Legg, President of Legg Consulting Group gives useable financial tips for starting your own business!

Diane Haworth, High Performance Coach “with a spiritual twist” gives suggestions for easy ways to get clarity quick!

Kristina Bouweiri, President of Reston Limousine, one of the top limousine companies in the country! She shares how she became to “Accidental Entrepreneur.”

Pastor Tim Ward and I talk about the importance of authenticity and untangling ourselves from stereotypes.

Pamela Brewer, talk show host of MyNDTalk radio discusses the importance of mental health for everyone.

Jon McCutcheon, PR professional, shares the benefits of free promotion and when to use a professional.

Cynthia Legg says that people in the finance industry are the least engaged in their jobs. Find out why and how to change that.

The one and only Jennifer Goldman discusses ways to improve employee engagement.

The incomparable Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor shares social media strategies

Director/Producer of the Daily Bread video series, Nina May will inspire you!

Celebrity Corner

Haven’t you always wondered how people in the public eye maintain Zentivity™? We’ll post a new celebrity video about once a month.

Dave Sims, Emmy award winning sportscaster and “Voice of the Seattle Mariners” chats with me about how to build a successful career.

Tony LoBianco, award winning actor, French Connection, Just a Common Soldier, and his wife Alyse, author of Morning Meditations From Your Abba Father.

Ron Maxwell Director of God’s and GeneralsGettysburgCopperhead and more! He talks about his secrets for keeping his cool on the set.

Zentivity™ Leadership Forum Facebook Group


Visit our Zentivity™ Leadership Forum Facebook Group! I will share thoughts and questions throughout the week for you to weigh in on. I hope you will share problems, dilemmas, thoughts and ideas on that page as well. This seems to be the most convenient way for us to network and be interactive and help build each other up and encourage one another in our mutual journeys. It is a private group for Zentivity™ Leadership Forum members only. Please treat all information shared as confidential unless otherwise instructed. You can join here.

Coaching Calls

Coaching calls posted here in case you missed them. They will be announced ahead of time so you can plan. The call in info is:

Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3690

Access Code: 339354 #


May 24, 2018 Recorded Coaching Call (Feel like giving up? Here are some suggestions.) Listen now.

March 22, 2018 Recorded Coaching Call (With Robert Moon from Heritage Financial about preparing for retirement.) Listen Now.

February 22, 2018 Recorded Coaching Call (Creative networking and “oversharing”) Listen now.

January 25, 2018 Recorded Coaching call (Dealing with negativity) Listen now.

December 28, 2017 Recorded Coaching Call (Setting goals/New Years Resolutions). Listen now.

November 30, 2017 Recorded Coaching Call. Listen now.

October 26th, 2017 Recorded Coaching call.  Listen now.

September 28th, 2017 Recorded Coaching call.  Listen now.

Next scheduled call is TBD. You may submit your business questions, personnel issues, or personal coping dilemmas ahead of time through the contact page. We will address the specific concerns that you have in real time.

Zentivity Leadership Blog

Feel free to add your thoughts and comments in the comments section. We want to know what you think!

How important is the furniture on the Titanic?

How important is the furniture on the Titanic? It must have been a fabulous sight. Wealthy, privileged people wearing their finest, enjoying the glamorous lifestyle of such a fabulous cruise: furs and jewelry, china and crystal, the best this world had to offer. But,...

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Baby Steps

One of my favorite movies is "What About Bob." Have you seen it? It's a hysterical movie about how sanity is not always what it appears to be at first glance. It has some very poignant moments. One of the most profound messages comes in the title and concept of the...

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Every Time You React With Negativity, You Are Losing Ground.

My guess is you already know this: You can't trust everyone. People are not generally looking out for your best interests; they are looking out for themselves. People are going to present themselves to you so that they look trustworthy and honest; they may have a...

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Yes, Your New Year’s Resolutions CAN Stick.

Sometimes it’s easy to give up on a new year’s resolution because it’s just too difficult to keep going in a new direction. Forty-one years ago, I quit smoking, cold turkey from a 2 pack a day habit to zilch. My friends thought I’d never be able to quit. They had seen...

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Wishing you every blessing in the New Year!

It has been my privilege these last few months to walk with you on your journey of leadership and success, a relationship that I hope will continue for along time to come! I feel very grateful to be part of your life. Zentivity™ is designed to help you dig down deep...

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Your Holiday Stress Has Nothing to do With Your Mother-in-Law

As lovely as the holidays can be, this whole time of year just seems to pile on the stress, doesn’t it? There are deadlines at work that need to be met before the end of the year. It’s easy to find yourself obligated to holiday parties every other evening; holiday...

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Sexual Harassment and What it Means for You

Every day it seems that we are hearing another accusation, another denial or apology. Is sexual harassment on the rise? I think not. I think it’s always been there and people have become accustomed to it. People have learned to look the other way or excuse it. Victims...

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Spending time in a cave….

On Friday, I had the honor of speaking at the Virginia Business Women’s Conference in Lansdowne Resort in Virginia. Great group of women, all leaders in their field, eager to learn about “Maintaining Sanity in a Chaotic World.” Using the principles of Zentivity™, I...

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What do you do with the critics?

If you are showing up. If you are working your plan. If you are creating, implementing or shining your light in any way…you may have noticed that the critics scamper out from underneath the rocks and try to take you down. Why is that? Light scares critics. They are...

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