The other day I was talking to a friend who asked what were the 3 most important characteristics that I want to bring into every interaction. They were Confidence, Kindness and Power. After we had a little discussion about it and after I was left on my own to consider my answer in the silence, it occurred to me that to some, that might sound greedy. Or manipulative. Or “power-hungry.” It might come across unfeminine or superior, or as a control freak.

This is why it’s so important not to assume that you understand what someone else is saying. It’s important to ask questions and get clarification when needed. It’s important to understand what power really is.

We look at the President and think he’s the most powerful man in the world. In many ways that might be true. But that kind of power is conditional and temporary. That kind of power is external. And if you’ve been listening or reading my teachings for any length of time, you will know that anything external to you is temporary and subject to change.

Whether it’s a career, a spouse, a child, a desire, the weather, the economy, a house, a mountain, a tree, or a reputation, all of these are subject to the influence of someone or something else. An opinion, a political affiliation, a spiritual guru, a nation call all be uprooted. If you are placing your confidence in those things, your roots are in sandy soil. Things can shift and change. If you are creating your identity around anyone of those things, you are on shaky ground.

True power comes from your connection with your creator. When you meditate, pray, or connect on a regular basis, you are forming an alliance with all that is. You are marinating in love, joy, peace, creativity, abundance, and eternity. You begin to recognize and grow in the knowledge of your connection to all that is. You are one with the power that created the universe. You are one with Love. I think when we talk about Love we do the word injustice. We equate it with a human emotion, which changes, with our moods and with time. While that is how we experience the emotion of love, I think it is much broader than that. It is benevolent, kind, steady, eternal, unconditional and it comes from the Creator. It is his/her/its very nature: forward moving, perfect, creative, nonjudgmental and peaceful and powerful. It is more powerful than fear, hate, prejudice, uncertainty, opinion, emotions, or anything else that is temporary. It just is. It is the greatest power in the universe and its seed is within you.

To water that seed, be faithful and committed to your meditation time. Nurture the awareness that you are connected to it at all times. The only thing that can break your connection to it is to be unaware of it. And even that doesn’t really break your connection; it just cuts off the flow. You need to keep the switch turned on through your awareness that you are one with that. That, my friend, is your true identity. The awareness and nurturing of that connection makes you the most powerful person in the room. It is a power that is indestructible and impossible to overcome.

We need to boldly connect and consciously allow that power to flow through us. We have this one life to make an impact. Don’t let anyone ever shut you down or tell you that you shouldn’t want to be powerful. You already are. It’s up to you to let it shine.

In its presence (your presence) hate and fear evaporate. That’s why those that seek false, temporary power are really afraid of it, because false power seeks to control, divide, elevate one over the other. The power in you will annihilate that which divides and separates without even applying any force, if you just allow it. It is gentle and kind.

Don’t be afraid. You are indestructible.




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