What has to change for you to be happy at work?

Do you need a new position?

Do you want a different office?

Do you want to move?

Do you want to travel more? Less?

Do you need your supervisor to quit?

Do you co-workers need to be less “catty?”

Does your boss need to stop making crude comments?

How about a raise?

Would you be happy if you worked different hours or had less stress?

Actually, if you are not happy now, none of those things changing will make you happy. At the risk of sounding cliché, happiness is, after all, an inside job.

Circumstances will continue to change. People will continue to do irritating or ignorant things. There will always be business opportunities that look better than where you find yourself currently. This is all part of the ranging storm of chaos that continues to swirl around us. It will not stop. It’s part of living in this world.

But YOU are one with your creator. One with love and joy and peace. YOU are actually carrying joy around on the inside of you. The problem is that you have allowed other things to cloud your vision. You have started to perhaps compare yourself and your situation to that of other people. Life will never be “fair.” If you are looking outside of yourself in any way for peace or joy, you will not find it.

Outside circumstances are just smoke and mirrors; they shift and change, but they are only replaced by other things that will bring stress or pain or feelings of inadequacy, or maybe even temporary elation. All feelings are temporary.

Your strength comes from your connection to all that is. It comes from knowing your true identity. Strengthen those things. Strengthen your gratitude practice. Learn to be thankful where you are. That doesn’t mean you don’t work toward improvement or better circumstances or leave relationships or get out of situations that are harmful to you. Of course you need to do those things. However, if you are focused on what you don’t have, or on what someone else has, your valuable time is spent spinning your wheels in a deep, deep rut of muck. The longer you stay in that rut, the harder it is to get out and the less forward movement you will experience.

You are sucking your productivity dry by focusing on irritations, annoyances, the unfairness of the situation. Recognize the situation for what it is, but strengthen your meditation practice, repeat your mantra that “I am whole, perfect and complete,” and look hard and deep for things to be grateful for. You will attract those things that you focus on. If you focus on the negative, more of that will flood into your life. If you focus on what is already good and beneficial, more of that will flow to you.

Sometimes that means to resist every single temptation to worry, to be critical, to hold onto resentment. You have created those habits. Only you can break them. If you understand that you are shooting yourself in the foot every time you allow one of those thoughts to fester, it will be easier to resist and replace with healthier thoughts and actions. Those habits were not formed overnight. It takes diligence to replace them.

If you have a strong why, such as you are diving yourself away from that raise, you are allowing an atmosphere in your body for disease, or that you are becoming someone that you don’t want to be by following your impulse toward negativity, it is easier to change. If you want to lose weight you need to eat a healthier diet. If you want to lose old baggage, you need to feed your mind healthier thoughts.

Stop chasing happiness. Slow down enough to recognize that it’s already there and nurture it.


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