On Friday, I had the honor of speaking at the Virginia Business Women’s Conference in Lansdowne Resort in Virginia. Great group of women, all leaders in their field, eager to learn about “Maintaining Sanity in a Chaotic World.”

Using the principles of Zentivity™, I first talked about recognizing you triggers and being flexible enough to change your thinking (which is where all our discontent comes from.) Then I addressed the need to know their true identity through grounding, meditation and connection with Truth.

ksama-225x300 Spending time in a cave…. This is Ksama, one of the angels/statues on my meditation walking paths in my woods. She’s the one I spent time with today.


As an illustration, I walked them through a guided meditation. It was a walk in the woods. So this morning, I went out in my back yard and followed the path through the woods that I described in the meditation exercise. Because I, too, needed to spend time in the cave that I described to them, (which I actually made up, by the way.)

Knowing the healing that exists in communing with nature, I set out on my adventure. Along the way, just through the act of walking, meditating and being conscious of my connection with All That Is, all stress seemed to fall away, clarity seemed to emerge about some issues that I had been struggling with and I emerged from the “cave” with a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

This time of year is known for relationship conflict, stress at home and at work, being over-busy, and a sense of overwhelm. YOU need not jump into that pond.

Make sure that you are practicing daily meditation, so that your brain can wisely respond to stress instead of drowning in it.

When you do this, you are being the leader that you are created to be and making a positive and powerful mark on your world. You are setting the stage for co-workers and employees…and even your boss, to elevate you and recognize how much more productivity follows in your wake because you are not wasting precious and valuable time drowning with everyone else.

Keep your chin up. And please share principles and techniques that you use that help you stay afloat at this busy time of year in the space below.


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