OK. I admit it. I am a Wonder Woman fan. Like in many movies, there are so many poignant lessons. Did you see it?

That moment when the pilot crashed his plane in the sea surrounding the paradise of Themiscyra, the spectacular island on which the Amazons lived, things began to change. Until that point, Diana had no clue that there was an ugly world, a world clouded by anger and hate and darkness. And until then, the German soldiers had no clue that just a stone’s throw away, through the thick, soupy fog, was this amazing place, full of light and beauty and unimaginable strength that would ultimately destroy the darkness.

The truth was that that place of light and beauty and strength had always existed. It was just obscured be lack of awareness and vision.

Principles 1 and 2 of Zentivity™: Connect with your creator and know your true identity as symbolized by this truth. The light is already inside of you. It’s always been there, but you need to be aware of it to make it become real to you. And the strength that Diana discovered within herself had always been there, but she had to train diligently to reveal that power.

The German army was only aware of the soupy fog.

We, too, are often only aware of the soupy fog: our anxiety, our worry, and our depression. We can hardly see in front of us because of the problems and challenges that seem to be so real surround us and seem to threaten our very survival.

Screen-Shot-2018-01-20-at-7.04.41-AM-300x149 The clouds of negativity and fear obscure your truth.

The expression on the soldier’s face (pictured above) when he realized that there was another reality, has imprinted an indelible picture in my brain. That picture reminds me that both of those things exist: the fabulous beauty and strength of the light as well as the cold, damp debilitating fog that make it difficult to see the light.

When I am in danger of becoming a victim to overwhelming negative thoughts and fears, I just picture myself pushing though that fog, knowing that I can choose to see the light and be the light, by a simple thought.

Every time I become aware that I am holding a grievance, no matter how petty, I remember that I have a choice. I can choose to wave that grievance or fear aside and swish it away like a cloud and it brings me closer to the light that I know is there. Sometimes I must do this many times a day. I have to practice this every moment, every grievance, and every decision until I train myself to see only the light.

The light is my true identity. My light is my strength. My light is the truth. The clouds, however real they seem at the moment, are temporary and distracting, but only have the power you give to them; and that depends on how long you entertain them.

Start today by remembering that, every time you refuse to allow a fear or resentment or problem to fester in your mind, you come closer and closer to revealing your true self and your true power. The sooner you reach this realization, the sooner you become the leader you know you are meant to be.


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