This craziness has got to stop.

We are always going to have people who are haters. There will always be those who are myopic, only seeing things from their one perspective and not willing to hear any other opinions. There will always be those that turn to violence as an answer.

Our problem as business leaders is that we keep falling into their trap. We step into their tar pit and get stuck as well. The tar pit of reactivity and hatred and polarization.

We get caught up in details about who started it and what terms are being used to describe the problem. We get sidetracked from the real issue: which is what can I do about it?

The most recent example of bias, prejudice and hatred has become evident in the Charlottesville demonstration by white supremasists and the angry response by opponents. Before that, there was the memo to Google about their diversity policy by James Damore, an engineer at the company. The publicity and controversy of these two situations are indicative of one of our major problems in the workplace. We focus on blame; we focus on who said what; we focus on who is right; we are attacked and we counter attack; and nothing is accomplished. The removal of one statue inspires the removal of another statue in another state. And people then kick the statue…really? What does that accomplish?

Yes, people find an outlet for their angst and anger. People feel some relief in finding others that agree with them. Others find a sense of righteousness in what they believe. But nothing changes.

We, as business leaders need to focus on, not who is right or wrong, but how we can contribute to a better world. And the answer begins with us. If we are not grounded in something bigger than ourselves, if we are not sure of who we are and why we are on this earth, we are in danger of getting caught up in the drama of the moment and we are swept away by emotion and reactivity.

Don’t get me wrong. These issues are important. They need to be addressed. But they can’t be changed if we just react with emotionality and reactivity. All that does is contribute to the chaos. And yes, it’s important for us to feel our feelings and have our opinions; however when it comes to time to act, we need to not be blinded by the anger or fear or outrage. We need to see clearly all sides of the issue, focus on what change we want to see, and act from a place of groundedness and calm. From this place of wisdom, we will have no regrets, less to clean up in the aftermath and a sense that we have contributed, not to the chaos and problem, but to the solution.

Zentivity™ is a training tool for business leaders that is easy to understand and implement, helping leaders develop a strong internal locus of control to help them withstand the storms of our chaotic world. The strength you gain from practicing the 10 principles will give you a self-confidence and clarity, that you can get no other way.

It’s easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed. It’s easy to feel like giving up because the world is just going nuts and is refusing to see reason. Just remember that is why Zentivity™ Leadership Forum exists. We are here to remind you that you are not alone. There are others that want to see clearly and make an impact that is lasting.

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