rose-300x225 What are you planting?

I’ve been busy out in my garden these days. Quite possibly you have too. You know, there are many healthy benefits from gardening.

  1. Vitamin D from the sun
  2. Fresh air
  3. Exercise
  4. Dirt releases microbes similar in property to prozac*
  5. Life Lessons

As much as I love the first 4 benefits, the one I want to talk about today is number 5. There are many applicable life lessons to planting: reaping and sowing, and all that.

First of all, when you are planting a garden, as when you are working on your business or a relationship, you must decide what you want to sow. For your garden, you choose, color, hardiness, aroma, size, etc. And you have a reason for doing so. When we plant to garden of our character and business, we must also choose. We must be as purposeful, if not more so when we choose what our character will be or how our business will function.

You must prepare the ground. What groundwork must you do to develop a strong healthy business? What preparations must be made? Positioning of the business, putting it in the right location, developing a culture and character. If you do not choose those things, they will just happen according to emotion and reaction. You will always be following circumstances rather than leading the way.

Similarly, you must choose what characteristics you will apply yourself to. Will you have great customer service, perfect bedside manner? Will you be inclusive or exclusive? Will you be wise or foolhardy? Will you take responsibility or project blame when things don’t go well? How will you attract and retain clients or employees? Just as if you are planting a beautiful flower garden or vegetable garden or herb garden, you must make choices or the wind will just blow in any old thing that happens to be in the air. Then you need to determine what you will do to nurture and sustain those choices.

Even if your business is long standing and successful, it’s important to take time on a regular basis to take stock of what’s happening. Do things look as you envisioned or are things getting out of hand? This goes for relationships as well. It’s important to take continual regular stock of your life. Weed when you must, replant when necessary, re-till the ground if you want to start over.

However it makes the replanting and re-tilling less necessary if you water, fertilize and prune along the way before things get overgrown with weeds. What small steps do you have to do today to change things before they get out of hand? To maintain a beautiful garden, you must get your hands dirty. Yet in stirring up the dirt, you will find great peace as those peaceful, healthy microbes* float around, creating a wonderful work of art that you can be proud of.


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