If you are showing up. If you are working your plan. If you are creating, implementing or shining your light in any way…you may have noticed that the critics scamper out from underneath the rocks and try to take you down.

Why is that?

Light scares critics. They are hiding under a rock for a reason. It’s quiet, cool, and dark. Their thoughts can turn over and over in a dark mind, churning up criticism and judgment, unabated. Besides just lurking there, thinking and reveling in darkness, there’s not a whole lot of activity.

You, however, are the one out in the light doing, learning, growing and creating. You might make mistakes. You know as well as I do that making mistakes is how you learn. “Oops, not doing THAT again.” You know the feeling. And that’s ok. You are learning. You are moving forward. You get up, dust yourself off and try again.

The critics on the other hand, come out long enough to criticize and condemn. They poke their heads out long enough to spew a judgment. But they are generally not the ones in that battle. They just like stirring things up. They are your teachers. “What?!?!?” you say. Yes, they are your teachers. They teach you to focus on your goals, look where you are going, and determine to keep heading that way. They teach you discernment and persistence. They make you stronger. You learn to focus on what matters and not get distracted by noises that don’t matter.

Why on earth do we try to please those sitting in the cheap seats or lurking under a rock? Why do we let them shrink back or shut us down? They only want to shut you down because they are uncomfortable in the light. Your thinking and sharing ideas highlights that fact that they are not thinking. They are not forming their own ideas. They can only mimic and shout bullet points that were created by someone else.

Of course you might get constructive criticism from others who are out there working, doing, thinking. You might want to consider what they say and let it inform your opinion, your work, your creation. But only if it makes you better, stronger, more focused. Only take advice from someone who believes in you and wishes you success.

Never take advice or accept criticism from someone who has no skin in the game or interest in you as a person. Those kinds of critics are plentiful. They are lazy, opinionated, but uninformed. Learn to deflect uninformed criticism.

Connect with a few supportive people who can mentor you, who will give you unbiased feedback, sandwiched with encouragement and love. Consider the feedback that they give and accept in or not, as your discernment allows. But don’t ever let anyone derail you. You were created for greatness and greatness never hides under a rock.

What is your experience with critics and how do you handle them? Please comment below.


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