What if everyone in your workplace was healthy mentally emotionally and had enhanced relationship skills?

What if everyone in your workplace could lower their stress, increase their attention span and experience less negative mood?

These are the results found through a recent study on the effectiveness of meditation.

“We found that those in the meditation group…showed greater time on task and a reduced number of task-switches post-training as compared with pre- training. This appears to be an implicit effect of the meditation training.”

“Meditators also showed improved memory for the details of the work they were doing in the post-training multitasking test compared to their performance in the pre-training test… once they received the meditation training, they…demonstrated improved memory…To what might this improved memory be attributed? We conjecture that it was the result of reduced stress. Laboratory studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between increased stress and reduced memory.”

“[After] meditation-training…there was less negative mood…Since mindfulness meditation has been linked to enhanced emotion regulation, it is possible that the meditators were better able to modulate their emotional responses to the stressful multitasking test they were performing.”

See the full results of the study here.

I know from personal experience that when I misplace something, like my car keys, it’s much easier for me to remember where they are if I relax and take a deep breath first. Same thing goes for studying for a test or for trying to remember a phone number or a recipe. If you force your brain to work too hard, the stress will overpower the parts of the brain responsible for memory.

Less negative mood means that people would be more patient and understanding, less reactive and less complaining, which only takes up time and brain space that could be used for productive work like the task at hand. It also would enhance relationships, so there would be fewer incidents of employee bickering and conflict. And since the meditators showed better attention spans and focus on a task, there is less unproductive thought-wandering and frivolous time spent on unimportant things!

If your workplace instituted a morning meditation time, or brought in meditation trainers, teaching the principles and benefits, so that you had a workplace full of people who take time everyday to listen to the wisdom within and calm their stress centers down, wouldn’t that make for a more productive workplace?

I’d love to hear what your company does to encourage such activity. Please comment below.


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